Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

Modular Cabinetry

Medallion cabinetry, although considered modular cabinetry, is a semi-custom cabinetry line that has proven to be the top choice for our sales team. The wide variety of door styles, stains and glaze finish selections make Medallion cabinetry a reliable and welcome choice for today's value-conscious home buyer.

Medallion cabinetry offers quality framed and inset cabinetry that is flexible in design, provides a custom quality look, and is priced from the low to upper budget. Medallion cabinets grace the kitchens of many starter homes as well as multimillion dollar custom homes. The many flexible design features, add-ons and accessories available in this line also provide home buyers with the ability to create a tailored feel to any room in the house.


Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is the perfect way to fully customize your kitchen or bath to your exact specifications.  William Jackson Inc. can offer endless possibilities when it comes to wood species, finishes, door styles, and accessories.  We can do custom color match to compliment new flooring or existing furniture pieces.  Our custom cabinetry line is not limited to catalog specifications and provides the home owner with the opportunity to have a hands on design experience while creating there dream kitchen.

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